Increase your revenue with Avocare

Fees are charged to patients per use or monthly. Avocare takes care of everything: invoicing, automated subscriptions, refunds.

You decide the amount you want to charge for premium services. We facilitate the purchase and transfer the funds to you on a monthly basis.

Avocare fees are simple: $50 per physician. No hidden fees, no setup fees. Front desk staff and other staff get access at no additional charge.

Contact us to learn more about pricing for your clinic.

How It Works


Appointment Booking
Reception Questions
Broadcast Announcements


Messaging with Doctors
Doctor's Notes
Prescription Refills
Avocare bills patients Clinics retain all revenue

Revenue calculator

Calculate your annual income increases with Avocare. Use the sliders below to set the total number of patients and physicians at your clinic.


Per Physician Per Year


Per Clinic Per Year

Assuming 50% of patients subscribe to Avocare