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HealthSource Medical is on Avocare, allowing you easy access to their online services. Register or login to gain access to your patient dashboard.

A doctor’s visit from the convenience of your own home

Request an appointment

Message your receptionist

Get a doctor's note

Ask for prescription refills

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Here's how Avocare works

Avocare's intuitive dashboard allows you to access all services from a single place. Click on a feature below to learn more.


Virtual Assistant in Action

Reach your clinic reception or book your own appointment. Get anytime, anywhere access by your choice of a text message, access by web or mobile app.

Book an Appointment

It’s so fast and easy, you’ll wonder why nobody else makes it this simple to do. Just select the date and time that suits you best and hit send. Our secure software does the rest. You’ll receive a confirmation message to your registered phone number when the clinic verifies the appointment with their schedule.

Message Front Desk

Have a question about your appointment, your test results, or any other general questions? Send it to the receptionist and they will take care of you shortly.

Remote Care in Action

Ask your doctor a question, get prescription refills or a doctor’s note. Get anytime, anywhere access by your choice of a text message, Facebook Messenger, access by web or mobile app.

Ask the Doctor a Question

Itchy rash? Lingering fever? Need to know the difference between a strain and a sprain? Access to your own doctor is fast and simple. For non-emergency, general questions simply fill out the form and click send. You’ll have your answer shortly.

Request a Refill

Ask for a prescription refill from the comfort of your own home. Your request is approved by your doctor and sent to your selected pharmacy. How easy is that?

Request a Doctor’s Note

Receiving a doctor’s note is now easier than ever. Simply refer to the Request a Doctor’s Note drop-down menu and click one of the available options. No more waiting in line or waiting on hold.