Provide better care and make life easy for everyone

For Receptionists

Avocare becomes an always ready assistant for receptionists, helping with routine tasks and freeing up time for more important things, like great patient service.

Reception Inbox

The single, easy-to-use reception inbox offers a beautiful, completely intuitive design providing a one-stop location for all patient communication. Patient’s requests are sorted for easy addition into the clinic’s schedule.

AI-Powered Virtual Assistant

Offers an automated collection of patient requests, resulting in a reduction of calls through reception and appointments that are incredibly easy to schedule.

Internal Messaging

Allows doctors and employees to easily send and receive messages while communicating patient requests between staff members.

For Physicians

Avocare helps doctors save time. Reduce appointments to high priority cases, and sending messages to patients happens in seconds.

A Secure Web App

You’ll provide better patient care simply by being available, without increasing your time investment while you generate new revenue for your clinic.

Send and Receive Photos with Patients

Have clearer discussions with patients about their symptoms, and give more detailed diagnoses as a result.

One-way or two-way messaging

If you need to send sensitive data such as patient lab results or referrals, send one-way messages. For most conversations with patients, communicate securely with them two-way.

Simple Patient Billing

Avocare handles the billing to patients and hands you a cheque each month. No need to chase down patients for payment.

Group Announcements

Send announcements to all patients or a subgroup of patients, making it easy for everyone to stay up to date with clinic news.

EMR Integration

Avocare makes it easy to document patient interactions with seamless integration with OSCAR EMR. Other EMR integrations are also coming soon.

For Patients

Avocare makes scheduling appointments and asking questions as easy as sending a text message.

Available On All Devices

Patients can book appointments, ask the doctor questions, request a doctor's note or prescription refills, on any device.

Text (SMS)
Mobile apps

Comfortable & Trusted

Patients communicate with their own doctor, not a stranger. They already have an established relationship with the practitioner.

Peace of mind with a secure, cloud-based patient experience

Our partnership with MedStack means you’ll benefit from the latest built-in privacy and security protocols. MedStack has a proven track record with digital applications integrated with well established healthcare enterprises.