Built by a dedicated team, close to the problem

Avocare was developed by a team of passionate innovators and practitioners, with over 40+ years of combined experience in healthcare, design and technology.

Vik Luthra

CEO and

Vik is an experienced and passionate entrepreneur, with deep experience in strategy and corporate development. Vik is passionate about healthcare and the patient experience, having been exposed to the healthcare space by a close family member. Vik was convinced that there was a place for digital convenience and ease-of-use for family practices.

Taylan Pince

CTO and

Taylan is an experienced technology leader, having built a development firm with over $3M in annual revenue. He has led app development for Robinhood, Muse and blogTO. Taylan values great user experiences in digital, with meaningful engagement for users. After building an EMR and coming from a family of doctors himself, building Avocare was a natural choice.

Serkan Terek

UX Lead

Yigit Güler

Backend Team Lead

Kaan Eryılmaz

Design Lead

Cem Ekici

Web Developer

Fergal Walsh

Senior Backend Developer

Ali Certel

Senior Backend Developer

Nathan Mah

Business Development


Richard Penner

Co-Founder, CTO at Figure 1

Andrew Go

Director, e-Commerce at The Home Depot Canada

Chris Goodridge

CIO at Vertical Scope

Built with patients in mind

Digital experiences have become something we cannot live without, and our team found that the healthcare experience was simply lacking convenience, ease-of-use and speed. Relationships with your practitioner are meant to be personal. Our goal is to bring a world-class user experience to healthcare, just like any other business in today’s modern world.